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It’s one of those moods.
The city unfolds before your eyes
As you drive through the streets in the dark
And though they’re lit the night breaks through
And though they’re crowded they feel empty
as you.

What do you do
When the lessons you’ve learned
The money you’ve earned
The books you’ve read
The people you’ve met
The tales you’ve been told
The places you’ve been
The things that you’ve seen
The songs that you’ve heard
And the lovers you’ve held
The friends that touched you
Don’t understand?
When you realize
Nobody speaks your language
And you don’t really either?

They look at you with questioning eyes
But you don’t want to be analyzed
You don’t need people to search for your reasons
And least of all you want their questions
And their expectations
So you say good-night and good-bye
Smile and shuffle away

What you’re gonna do
Is lock yourself in
With your poetry and your music.
They don’t ask, ponder or worry
They don’t expect
They just sit with you
And listen to your silence.
Now you can merge with your mood
And figure it out for yourself
Or go to bed without closure.

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yopeace (23.12.07 21:38)
hier ist ja voll tote hose!

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