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Guess what: it's 2007.

2004, 2005, 2006, 2007... And it becomes clearer and clearer to me that the 1990s are over. They belong to the past for good. "Of course they're over, you moron", the reader may be thinking now. Granted, they were already over on January 1st 2000, which is more than seven years ago now.

Still, over the first few years of the current decade, the 1990s lingered (at least with me). Only now, a change is happening: A few years ago, I could still relate to the past decade, it was still present to me. Now, when I watch a film from the 1990s, it keeps occurring to me how very much things have changed since then and how we live in an entirely different world today. However vivid and fresh the memories of when I first saw a particular movie may be, the thing itself looks dated when I watch it now.
Up till recently, I thought that the past belonged to other people. Now I have to face the fact that the 1990s are the first decade of it that also belongs to me. Now and then, for some reason I wonder if I even really lived in those years. I tell myself that this is my mind trying to deal with the new perspective. People my age might understand what I mean.

There's one other thing: I once read that in past centuries, ten years didn't matter as much because the world changed more slowly. Now ain't that true. We do live in a world that changes as rapidly as never before, and I'm convinced that this significantly contributes to my generation getting hit by the passage of time so hard. In other words, we feel old prematurely.

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